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Raritan Bay Pergola

Model 9710 14' X 60 All-Steel Raritan Bay Curved Beam Pergola with optional Round Banded Steel Columns (column masonry by others)

Flowing soft curves of this Raritan Bay park pergola gives a striking architectural feature in your park and recreation area. Used to enhance landscape design with its beautiful flowing lines this outdoor pergola may also be used as a memorial.

Easy Installation! Specifically designed to ensure the easiest installation possible the Raritan Bay outdoor garden pergola offers components that bolt together with tubular steel construction. The maintenance free pergola will give any community a pleasing and enjoyable feature in any City Park and Recreation.

Model 9720 8' X 120 All-Steel Raritan Bay Curved Beam Duo-Top Pergola

Almost identical to the Raritan Bay outdoor pergola, the 2-Tier Duo-top outdoor pergola offers an additional tier giving a slightly different design. Manufactured from All-Steel components the 2-Tier Manhattan park pergola includes the optional curved steel backless benches, giving additional benefits to this beautiful outdoor park structure.

Boulevard Pergola

Model 9780 8' X 29'-6" All-Steel Boulevard Straight Beam Pergola with curved wind braces and standard Quad-Steel Columns

Outdoor pergolas to create a centerpiece to your park setting or a beautiful eye catching feature to your backyard garden are available with different roof pitches to match your landscape design. The Boulevard garden pergola has a beautiful cantilever design which allows more movement around with less columns. Perfect for any park setting this design is an uncluttered application and is good for use with benches underneath giving your park visitors ample view in comfort.

Arborview Pergola

Model 9760 Custom 7'-3"X134 All-Steel Curved Beam Arborview Pergola with 3" round radial beams (paint finish by others)

Model 9760 Custom 7'-3"X134 All-Steel Curved Beam Arborview Pergola with 3" round radial beams (paint finish by others)

Bright and playful colored round picket shape outdoor pergola to brighten up your park landscape. This Litchfield pergola design is particularly popular to complement a playground area as it may be finished in any color to match playground structures. Attractive and fun the Arborview garden pergola will give your outdoors a fresh upgraded look at any time of the year.

Centennial Series Pergola

Model 9750 Custom 50' X 99' All-Steel Centennial Series Pergola

Model 9750 Custom 50' X 99' All-Steel Centennial Series Pergola

The Centennial Series Pergola is specifically designed for pergolas for large open areas. Whether you need a partial shade shelter for an unshaded park area or whether you wish to create a memorial piece for your park and recreation the Centennial Series outdoor pergola is a great choice with it's huge size and shade coverage. The Centennial Series is a 16' X 50' X 99' All-Steel Straight Beam Pergola with square columns.

Senn Park Pergola

Model 9730 8' X 140 All-Steel Senn Park Curved Beam Pergola with square columns

The Senn Park garden pergola is designed with a cantilever style to allow ease of movement with less columns for park visitors. A great outdoor furnishing to enhance your park landscape design. Use with park benches underneath and immediately transform the unused area of your park grounds and maximize park visitor numbers this summer with these beautiful practical Litchfield garden pergolas.

Town Square Pergola

Model 9770 Custom 15'X35' Town Square All-Steel Pergola (column masonry by others)

Model Model 9770 Town Square All-Steel Pergolas creates a unique focal point to this park

Traditional Craftsmanship add to the beauty and functionality of this straight beam Litchfield garden Pergola. All-Steel construction with stepped support beams with square columns and rectangular pickets, the Town Square city park Pergola will go well with your park benches in a special spot of your property.

Cabana Style Pergola

Model 9710 Custom 135'X14'X120 Raritan Bay Pergola featuring attached straight beam pergola extensions at each end. Also located at each end is a Model 8716P Custom 20' Cabana Style Pergola (column masonry by others).

Model 8716P Custom 20' Cabana Style Pergola featuring custom header beams, square banded steel columns and white Litch-Kicker paint finish

Shade for pools with these beautiful Litchfield Cabana Style Pergolas will allow your guests to enjoy poolside furnishings. Cabana Style shelters for swimming pool areas will give a resort feel to your property and offer comfort and shade to your visitors during those hot summer months. Fabri-Cover fabric roofing material is available for the Cabana Style Pergola.

Riverwalk Pergola

Model 9740 10' X 10' Riverwalk Laminated Curved Beam Pergola featuring round stepped columns with round finials

This architectural pergola is a perfect garden accent to enhance your landscape with its curved pergola top. The Riverwalk park shelter features gentle curvature which is perfect for growing beautiful flowing vines over the top to cascade down giving shade and beauty. Use the park structure to place benches underneath creating a rest area along a river or walking trail to complete your park and recreation furnishings. May also be used for water park waiting areas, or to give shelter for concession stand areas and in place of any other outdoor architectural shade canopies.